If you’re looking to hire a software engineer for a company you work with, and are interested in my background, please read the following to get a sense of what kind of work and culture I value. If you don’t think your company is a good fit, then just don’t send me that email, and save both of us some time.


While I’m primarily a software engineer, I’m not necessarily only looking for roles that involve writing code. In the future, I would like to explore career paths that offer alternative kinds of responsibilities, such as management or a mixture of other things.


I really can’t work on a technology or area that I don’t believe in. I care about solving problems that make people’s lives better, or enable them to do better work. Having challenging technical problems to solve along the way in addition is great!

I also prefer working with engineers who are interested in getting better at what they do, and in helping others do the same. Unfortunately, wanting to be an expert is your area isn’t a required quality for software engineers, but I strongly prefer working with such people.


To say the least, company culture matters to me immensely. I’m sorry but the free beer and happy hours isn’t what I’m talking about. I mean priorities that affect people. Here are some questions for you:

  1. Does your company encourage transparency? Are all employees seen as valuable members of the team, and encouraged to ask questions and participate? To engage in candid conversation about the company both inside and outside?
  2. Does your company value diversity in the team at all levels of the hierarchy? Do you make real efforts to make it happen – not only women but people of color and members of non-privileged classes? I understand if your team doesn’t reflect this yet, but if you think it means lowering the bar, or it just isn’t a priority right now, then our conversation likely ends here.
  3. Does your company value learning and personal growth for all employees? I will not work at a company that just wants to “get things done”. I value environments where my co-workers like to think and learn about things outside their comfort zone.
  4. Does your company create a respectful and safe environment for everybody to thrive? How are grievances or conflicts addressed? Do people feel like they truly “belong”, or is the founding team a clique full of entitled individuals who feel they’re a notch above everyone else?

All Good?

Reach out to me via or . No cold calling please, especially on weekends.

- nRT