I use this website primarily to record and share my creative work, thoughts, ideas, life events, and learnings. Some of the things I write about include technology, travel, mental health, company culture, and social justice. Here’s what you can find on here

  • Blog – Long-form articles about my opinions, travel, or anything else I find worth writing about.
  • Monthly Log – A monthly summary of readings, music, and other interesting things.
  • Experiences – I like to explore and travel. This is where I write about it.
  • Notes – Short blurbs that I didn’t want to put too much thought into.
  • SciTech – Posts related to academic or computer science-y things and the work I do.
  • Archive – All the above posts on a single page.

If you want to reach me, send email or tweet. My public key is 7EA5 781C 9B3D 0C19.

For recruiters: I do entertain genuinely interesting proposals, but please read this before contacting me.


I live in San Francisco, California, and work at YouTube. I used to be a Programming Languages PhD student at UC Berkeley, but dropped out in 2015. One of my proudest moments was representing India at the International Physics Olympiad, 2008.

Somewhat recently in life, I’ve started to exercise my creative muscle. This has provided me with a new found sense of purpose and a much broader ability to express myself. Lately, much of this has happened through acting, photography and other visual media, though my interest is rapidly evolving.

I consider adventure to be a big part of my identity – not only the thrill-seeking kind, but also the state of mind that allows me to lead a life of exploration. Some of this appetite is satisfied by occasional physical activity, and travel. One of my long term goals is to attain enough financial independence to lead a life that primarily involves adventure in some capacity. At that point, I’ll gladly give up my current one that involves hours looking at a computer screen every day.

Among other things, I enjoy playing music, reading, learning about new science and technology, and thinking about personal growth. I also support Arsenal Football Club, and drive stick shift.

- nRT