2015 will go down as the worst year in my life so far, no doubts about that! It has been a year when I suffered a lot, learned some hard lessons, and had to face several uncomfortable truths about myself. I’ve battled terrifying depression and felt things I wasn’t ready to handle. As painful as that has been, I’m glad to be ending the year right – by taking a break from everything, and heading to Hawaii on my first real solo trip.

I’m leaving tomorrow, for 8 days, and relishing the opportunity to relax, contemplate, and plan for the coming year. I’m going to spend a few days in Honolulu, and the rest living on an organic farm not far from some hills. I plan to run, hike, eat, read, and swim at the beach. I’ll do what I want, go where I like. There will be plenty of time to write too, and prepare for my new job which I start soon after returning.

I fully intend to cut down social media use during the stay, and concentrate on the moment. The stress and poor lifestyle during 2015 have diminished my focus and severely affected my ability to think deeply about hard problems. I want to start recovering some of that. For starters, I have a book to read, along with some exciting new research papers. Hoping to have a great trip!

- nRT