A little over two weeks ago, I got my hair colored red. Not completely, just highlights, but very prominent highlights. Nothing unique because millions of people do this sort of thing, so the only reason I’m writing about it is because I can. Kind of the same reason why I colored my hair. It had been on my mind since last year, but the stars started aligning a month ago when a friend referred me to a place in Oakland. After a brief consultation with Megan1, I narrowed down on the style and colors (it was between red and blue). A week later, I went ahead and did it, picking ruby red on the day of. I shared every step of the process on my Instagram account, but deliberately left out the final result, so I could see reactions first-hand! Enough people have seen it now, so I can finally share a photo and some of the reactions. (I kept track, hah!)

📸 credit: Vasuki

Here’s what people have told me so far:

From general compliments or questions…

“Looks great”

“I didn’t think it would look so good on you!”

“Red suits you!”

“What motivated you?”

…to extreme surprise (that was my dad)

“बेटा ये क्या कर लिया?!” (Son, what have you done?!)

…and smartass quips

“That’s a cherry on top”

“Hi Weasley”

…and some comments that were certainly not complimentary

“Don’t mind, but you look like a lorry driver from India”

“Everyone’s looking at you on the street”

…to the best one (coming from the lead actress of the Monsoon Wedding musical, on opening night)

“I saw your hair from the stage! I was looking down and thinking this dude has red hair!”

The worst of the lot though probably was when someone didn’t acknowledge the change, because honestly it’s a form of expression and one of the best ways to express yourself is through your appearance.

  1. Megan is a hair-stylist at Future in Oakland. Go there and she’ll take good care of you. [return]
- nRT