• The Day I Got My Green Card [The Wall Street Journal] – Amidst general gloom and doom, a rare positive story about immigration. Several people (immigrants and citizens) regularly face struggles here, when it comes to issues of inclusion and acceptance in an increasingly polarized world. If you read this though, you’ll feel that a lot of luck was still involved in the outcome being positive, and it’s hard to ignore the immense privilege the author has.

  • Dudes, You Have GOT To Stop Shaming The Women You Have Casual Sex With [BuzzFeed] – A short article about how the idea that women can’t really handle casual sex is just a stereotype. Women can certainly want casual sex, but some men can’t seem to accept that fact.

  • Why Have Volcanoes in the Cascades Been So Quiet Lately? [Wired] – I have gradually become more and more fascinated with the Cascade volcanoes and the associated geological history. I found this article via Googling, and it briefly describes the Cascade subduction zone, following which it tries to analyze why the volcanic arc has been rather quiet lately.

  • Being queer in an IIT: ‘My time on campus left me scars to last a lifetime’ [The News Minute] – A man’s account of how his life at an IIT (in the early 2000s) was painful due to the homophobic and heteronormative culture of the time. I don’t think things were any different when I was at IIT Bombay, and feel sad for not speaking out against said culture. If you’re interested, here is another related article.

  • What You Should Know If You Want to Work Remotely and Travel the World [Lifehacker] – A good article to read if you’re interested in satisfying your wanderlust while still keeping a full-time job that allows you to work remotely.

  • “He Thinks He’s Untouchable” [BuzzFeed] – Michael Katze, famous for his studies of Ebola and the flu, ran a lab at the University of Washington where intoxication and sexual harassment went unchecked, and he misused public resources for personal gain, according to two investigations. This is another story in the line of recent revelations detailing sexual harassment on prominent university campuses.

  • What is fracking and why is it controversial? [BBC News] – I’ve been hearing a lot about fracking in the news, and was curious, so googled to find this article that describes briefly what fracking is, it’s advantages, and potential negative impact. Fracking has been used in North America with a great deal of success recently, helping drive down oil prices. This Wikipedia article covers North America in great detail.

Movies and TV Shows

  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – I’d been wanting to watch this movie for a while now, and I did this week. The storyline is ridiculous and strange and makes no sense on one hand, but it was so beautiful and inspiring on the other. I would like to stick with the latter, and recommend it to you.

  • Margarita, with a Straw – This is a movie about a girl with cerebral palsy, and it explores her sexuality. It’s really rare to have a movie that treats disabled individuals like normal people with normal desires, and it’s very refreshing. In addition, it’s also a movie that explores homosexuality in a respectable way.


  • – A CMS for Hugo and Jekyll sites. I’ll watch this closely, if it can deliver, because the simplicity of a CMS, combined with the power of static sites could be a huge win!

  • ELI5: Why is it so controversial when someone says “All Lives Matter” instead of “Black Lives Matter”? – For all the people who feel threateaned by the Black Lives Matter movement, and just keep repeating “All Lives Matter” in response, here’s a great read, with a really simple analogy.

  • Pokémon Go – This is a new exciting augmented-reality game that I started playing this week. The idea is that you use your phone as a Pokedex to catch and battle Pokemon in the real world. Similar in principle to Ingress, which was launched more than 3 years ago.

  • My Dinner with Andre (We are bored) – I discovered this really articulate monologue and liked it. It seems fairly relevant, especially after I wrote about Pokémon Go above.

- nRT