Note: This is a backdated post. It was actually published in August, but has been dated appropriately to preserve order of posts. It is a follow-up from my previous attempt to create a weekly log, which turned out to be too much of a commitment.

I recently got a cool idea from Constantin’s blog. On a more or less monthly basis, he writes about the books, podcasts, and other stuff he reads. I thought that this was great for two reasons – firstly for keeping track of interesting things which are otherwise too easy to move past and forget, and secondly (for me) building motivation to actually find and engage with more such things, because I get to write about them!

So starting now, I will try to write a monthly note on the books, articles, music, movies, websites, observations, and pretty much anything that comes up during that month. I’ll try to publish on or around the last day of the month, but there’s no pressure to stick to a strict schedule. We’ll see how this goes!

The first post is here. You can check the entire list here.

- nRT