In yesterday’s Yoga class, our instructor wanted to demonstrate a certain asana (pose). She could have easily done it herself, but she wanted a volunteer, perhaps so that she could point out common mistakes people make in this asana. So she asked – “who wants to volunteer?”. As is common in such a situation, most people look around trying to deflect attention. I often do that too, but this time I just raised my hand, albeit a little reluctantly.

I think I did an OK job being a model, but there was a useful lesson there – even though being the center of attention was uncomfortable, I got more feedback on my posture than I normally would. The attention went away as the others got busy with trying the asana on their own, but the feedback stayed – a net win for me.

I think it’s useful to apply this little idea on other situations in life where we often forgo learning for comfort. The position of comfort is hard to leave, so it’s important to consciously make the choice to do so.

- nRT