I started working on distributed systems in early 2016. Given that I had little to no background, I started trying to cover as much as possible from the literature out there.

In this (dynamically updated) post, I intend to keep track of all good resources I come across in this quest. This includes not only research papers and books, but also good blogs, people to follow and discussions/meetups that could be helpful. It’s overwhelming to begin with, but everything that’s worthwhile has to start somewhere! This is obviously not a complete list, but hopefully the union of content within all entries on the list will be complete.


  1. The Paper Trail by Henry Robinson
  2. Aphyr by Kyle Kingsbury


Research Papers


  1. Henry Robinson, Cloudera
  2. Peter Bailis, Stanford University
  3. Kyle Kingsbury


  1. Papers We Love [Twitter] [San Francisco] is a cool meetup that discusses research papers, with chapters around the world.

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